Contract Disputes

Contracts are an important tool of business. They enable parties who might have quite different interests to conduct transactions in a mutually benefitting manner. A well-drafted contract should clarify each party's rights and obligations. But with contracts comes disputes over the performance of parties. When one party does not live up to the terms and conditions of an agreement, the other party may face catastrophic losses.

You may have already tried to work out your contract disputes but to no avail. It may be time to bring in an experienced attorney from LaCourse Law. We can help represent your needs when it comes to:

  • Breach of sales agreements
  • Real estate sales disputes
  • Breach of shareholder agreements and partnership agreements
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Other types of breach of contract disputes

If you are dealing with a large corporation they may try to make litigation a long, drawn out process. At LaCourse Law, we have the endurance, experience, and resources to see your case through to its conclusion.

contract dispute attorney