Workers Compensation

Oklahoma law requires that employers provide insurance coverage for employees who are injured on the job. This insurance becomes the sole remedy for injured workers and provides compensation for medical costs, lost income, rehabilitation, and other costs sustained by the injured worker.

However, the company's insurer gets to choose the doctor and other medical professionals to assess the extent of the injury and any resulting temporary or total disability. Naturally, the insurance company chooses doctors and nurses who minimize the extent and effect of the injury. As an injured worker who is concerned about receiving fair and complete compensation, you should seek help from an experienced attorney at LaCourse Law.

Worker's Compensation Law spell's out exactly what benefits an injured worker is entitled to receive, but the law is very complex and confusing. This is why you need an experienced attorney to assure that you are getting the fair and maximum compensation proportionate to the extent of your injury. We want to make sure your company's insurer does not take advantage of you in your injured state.

At LaCourse Law, we know worker's compensation law and how to get the maximum benefits you deserve.

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