What To Expect At Your Initial Consultation

What To Expect At Your Initial Consultation

When you come in to have your complimentary consultation at LaCourse Law, the one thing you will not feel is pressure. We do not believe that we should pressure anybody into making any decision. The Bible warns us about making hasty decisions, for example, Proverbs 28:25 (NIV) states, “to make rash, hasty decisions shows that you are not trusting the Lord…”

Rather than pressuring you into making any hasty decisions, at LaCourse Law, we will help you understand what your facts are, and what the unique circumstances and issues are within your case. During your initial consultation, we will talk to you about what your opportunities might be, and discuss what the potential ramifications are, along with the steps you should take. Please note that any and all information given to us during this consultation is confidential- we want you to feel safe and at ease during this process.

We will then give you the opportunity to leave, to take time to pray about it, discuss it with your close group of people so that you can arrive at a decision that is best for you. None of our attorneys will pressure you into making any decision. We want you to feel peace in having us represent you here at LaCourse Law.