What Should Happen At A Free Consultation In Family Law? 

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Most firms will offer a 1/2-hour free consultation, and we suggest you should fully take advantage of this! Taking advantage of the firm's free consultation is a good way to interview a prospective attorney. Furthermore, if you are prepared for this consultation, you will substantially increase the effectiveness of the appointment. So, how can you prepare? 

Family law generally includes the areas of divorce, custody, child support, adoption, and guardianship. As a prospective client, the more information you can provide the attorney, in advance, the quicker you will be able to move past the standard preliminary questions during your consultation. This will give you more time to ask specific questions in this short 30-minute consult. 

Therefore, when making the appointment, ask that the firm's General questionnaire for your specific interest area be emailed to you. Once you've completed this questionnaire, always return it before the appointment. This will allow the attorney to review the necessary background information beforehand and give more time to field your questions.  

In the areas of custody and child support, the attorney will need to have names and ages of children, preference of your children for custody, incomes of the parties, work schedule of the parents, and the cost of childcare and insurance. With this information already provided, the amount of child support can be discussed, and you can have the workings of the child support formula explained to you. If you are seeking a divorce, you will also have the concept of Equitable division of property explained and whether alimony is possibly a factor for this marriage. 

For a prospective adoption, the initial discussion will relate to your eligibility as an adoptive parent and whether the child can be adopted without the consent of the natural parent. A guardianship interview will focus on possible grounds for the guardianship. This includes the question of fitness of a parent (guardianship of minor child(ren), and in adult guardianships the interview will concern the competency of the adult for whom a guardianship is sought.  

The answers to most legal questions depend upon the facts which can be proven. Therefore, returning a questionnaire in advance and bringing important information to the free consultation will help you receive the best quality legal advice in the shortest amount of time. The free meeting will also have the additional benefit of giving you an opportunity to evaluate your perspective attorney and whether you believe the firm is a good fit. 


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