Our Story

Our Mission:

Our Beliefs:

We set ourselves out as Christian lawyers at a Christian law firm. Jesus says he is our advocate before the father. His model of advocacy was to stand up and do right, to stand up for justice and truth. At LaCourse Law, we believe that if we want to call ourselves Christian lawyers, we need to model how Jesus did. If we see injustice in the temple, we are ready to go in and flip the tables. From a Christian standpoint, this means we have to be ready to fight for our clients, whether it's in our conference room, whether it's at a mediation table, or if it means going into a courtroom and fighting. We believe our clients deserve a Christ-like warrior that's going to go in and fight for them on their behalf. Being a Christian lawyer means that we have an obligation to operate at a higher standard of integrity, and a higher standard of being a warrior for you.

Our History:

Our Culture

LaCourse Law is in the People Business. Our sole focus is you. Our culture is one that listens. Listens to your story, to your pain, to your suffering, to your specific circumstance. From the moment you first contact us, you are at the forefront of our minds. We pride ourselves in always putting our clients first and giving them top-tier legal service.

Because we are in the people business, it is likewise important for our firm to know one another. LaCourse law is made up of a small, diverse team. We have attorneys that have a different degree of integrity, both legal and moral. We have a team that comes from all different backgrounds, not only from all around the United States but also from around the world. We embrace our diversity and use it to our advantage when it comes to your case. While embracing our diversity, our team collectively only has one goal- to help you.

We have a team that utilizes technology to a different degree than most law firms out there. We have attorneys that bring aggressive advocacy with uncompromising integrity. We believe we can accomplish the goals and obtain justice for our clients while remaining dignified in the court of law. We are tough, aggressive, and afraid of no one. However, integrity and professional ethics are always maintained at every level of your matter.