Mediation is a voluntary and confidential approach to trying to resolve a claim between parties. It provides the parties an opportunity to be in control of their own outcomes without having a court or somebody else impose a resolution on their behalf.  Joel LaCourse is a trained and certified mediator and as well as a Certified Collarabative Resolution Attorney.

Mr. LaCourse has had the opportunity to resolve literally hundreds of cases with parties.  Mediation is an empowering process that saves the clients thousands and thousands of dollars of potentially unnecessary litigation fees and costs.

Our firm provides multiple forms of mediation. We have mediated with clients who have no attorneys providing both mediation and drafting services. We educate the parties on how the litigation process goes and what options they have.  We then begin the process of attempting to help them reach an agreement if possible.  Over 95% of these clients end up with a successful mediation without any further legal costs.

In addition, we provide mediation services for represented parties.  And while as a mediator we make no final decisions for the parties, through our training and expertise we help the parties understand what their options are and risks associated with their positions to help them arrive at an agreement that is in everyone's best interest.  Over 85% of these cases are resolved at LaCourse Law.

Mr. LaCourse has served as a "Special Master" appointed by the court to make Final decisions in numerous areas of law including; Discovery disputes,  Child support arrearages, Visitation schedules, and other important domestic matters.

Mr. LaCourse mediates Civil, Medical Negligence, and Family Law matters. If you'd like to contact our office to inquire about our mediation services, we'll be happy to give more information about what options you may have and we would be honored to serve you with our mediation services.

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