How Do You File A Lawsuit Against A Nursing Home For Abuse Or Neglect?

There are four factors a lawsuit against a nursing home for abuse and neglect must prove:

1. Duty of care: The nursing home had a duty to care for your loved one.

2. Negligence: The nursing home failed to act in a prudent and reasonable manner.

3. Causation: Due to the negligence of the defendant, your loved one has suffered in some way: i.e physical or emotional injuries.

4. Damages: Your loved one experienced damages as a result of the defendant's actions.

Are Some People More Subject To Elder Abuse Than Others?

Yes, some medical problems may make some elderly people more subject to abuse or neglect than others. For example, those with dementia or Alzheimer's disease are prone to more abuse and neglect than the average elderly person.

How Do You Report Nursing Home Abuse in Oklahoma?

1. If your loved one is in immediate danger, remove them from the nursing home. You can call 911 for emergency assistance.

2. Report your suspicions to a manager at the nursing home. Report this verbally and in writing, and ask for a written response.

3. Record in note form what your suspicions are of the abuse and neglect. Include any comments or concerns you have heard from your loved one, alongside what you have seen first hand.

4. Contact the Oklahoma Long Term Care Intake and Incident Divison. Their email is [email protected]

5. Contact a nursing home abuse attorney.