FAMILY LAW Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay alimony?

There is no alimony formula in Oklahoma.  Alimony is based on many factors including; one spouses need for alimony and the others parties ability to pay alimony.  The court will look at other items such as: length of marriage, standard of living, each parties education, training and job history, how long will it take for the lower or non-wage earning spouse to become self-supporting. 

How long will Alimony last?

Alimony is often times called "transitional alimony support".  The key to length or duration of alimony support is how long will it take for the recipient to become self-supporting or to transition to the financial effects of the divorce. 

Regardless of the length of the alimony order, alimony will usually as a matter of law end automatically under the following circumstances:

  • the death of the supported spouse
  • the remarriage of the supported spouse, unless that spouse files a motion within 90 days of the date of remarriage and can show that support is still needed and it would not be unfair under the circumstances to continue payments.