Cassie Price

Legal Assistant

Meet LaCourse Law's Legal Assistant Cassie Price. Cassie handles all things family-related in the office, including divorce, custody, child support, adoptions, paternity, and guardianship. Cassie was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, and despite the cold winters (which she doesn't miss), it's still her favorite place in the world to visit. 
Cassie graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2016, with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. During her time at Oral Roberts University, she met her husband, who has now graduated law school and passed the bar. At the time of hiring Cassie, she was looking for a job in a similar field to her husband, so that they could discuss what he was learning at school. Cassie has enjoyed learning about the field and working with and against her husband on cases.
In her spare time, Cassie loves to be outdoors, playing spike ball, corn hole, slack-lining, or hiking. She also loves to work out, and go traveling to see new places and visit family. Her husband has been teaching her how to play video games with him, so in the winter this is most likely where you'll find her. In summer, however, you can expect to find Cassie at the pool, river, or a lake.
For those of you seeking family law aid, you will most likely be speaking to Cassie- she is friendly, sweet, and a great addition to the LaCourse Law team. The quickest way to become her friend is through dark chocolate, flowers, or a sweet coffee... Just letting you know.